Private Funding

New Business models normally require more financial funds than the founder has at his or her disposal. To support entrepreneurs, ENECA always mediates new investment possibilities. We create access to business-angels, private funds or banks and act as mediators.

Here we draw on an investor pool, with whom we have collaborated for more than 10 years.

Thus, the chances for your product/service are rising, in order to be established successfully on the market.

If you want to approach us in this context, we assure you our absolute confidentiality, regardless of further contracts.

Financial commitments will be decided individually, based on the portfolio situation and strategy.

We only pass certified profiles to our investor-network. Companies which mandate us usually fulfill the following criteria:

Company lifecycleearly stage + later stage
Company targetfirst setup of the organization and funding
Company sizeup to 100 employees
Industrygrowing industries
Growth prospectsdisproportionately high, through scalability
Unique selling pointproduct, service or procedure which solves a problem for the customer
Managementexperienced management team knowing the industry

If you are an experienced team and have a product with USP and outstanding benefit, feel free to send us your summary. We appreciate to get in contact with you.