amagu creates more efficiency and cost reduction in Mobility Management - for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for enterprise. After ENECA has accompanied amagu in development for 3 years, the strategic marketing has been transferred completel

Transcatheter Technologies GmbH, a medical device company that has developed a full range of transcatheter valve implantation systems for catheter-based heart valve therapy, announced today that it has sold its technology portfolio to Venus Medtech. The Transcatheter Technologies’ technology will be the basis of a next-generation product portfolio developed and marketed by Venus Medtech for the Chinese and international markets. Tom Zeller, director and shareholder of ENECA GmbH , invested in 2009 as a business angel in the company and escorted it to the exit .

ENECA responsible for strategic marketing of amagu GmbH

amagu creates more efficiency and cost reduction in Mobility Management - for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for enterprise. After ENECA has accompanied amagu in development for 3 years, the strategic marketing has been transferred completely to ENECA this year. amagu wants to develop together with ENECA the enourmous potential in the Enterprise Mobility Management in the coming years, both regionally and internationally.

Partnership between ENECA and the Swiss Club Deal AG

The ENECA Management- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft entered a partnership with the Swiss Club Deal AG, an exclusive community, that aggregates the capital of business angels, entrepreneurial family offices and public co-investors and gives its members access to lucrative investment opportunities.

The investment focus is particularly on high-tech start-up companies in the fields of Internet and TMT (e-Commerce, Mobile Apps, SaaS, Lead Generation, Mobile Advertising) as well as Technology (High-tech, Medical Technology, Engineering, CleanTech). For the Club Deal AG, ENECA is particularly responsible for the division Commercial Due Diligence.

EFSS makes data exchange safe, efficient and mobile

Almost every company is now confronted with the issue of Enterprise File Sync and Share. Particularly important in this context are the simple integration into the work processes and the adherence to the highest safety standards.
Tom Zeller, CEO of ENECA GmbH, outlines the benefits of EFSS for companies and presents different models.

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Erich Domröse joins the ENECA GmbH as a Senior Partner

On the first of November, 2014, Erich Domröse joins the ENECA GmbH team as a Senior Partner. Erich Domröse has over 25 years of international experience in the IT (hardware & software), Printing and Manufacturing Industry. His consulting expertise relates to Strategy, Marketing and Innovation Management.

Erich Domröse, due to his many years of international business experience, has the ability to see business operations as a whole, and understands how the different facets of a business operation interrelate and how decisions in one area impact the business as a whole. These skills developed and became honed with his international experience in product management, business development, process optimisation (business and production processes), supply chain management, marketing consulting, IT solution consulting and the consulting of service providers.

Companies Under Fire: The Dangers of Cyber-Espionage in Daily Business

Industrial cyber-espionage costs German enterprises more than EUR 50 billion each year. What can companies do to protect themselves in a better way?

Tom Zeller, CEO ENECA GmbH, shows the dangers of cyber-espionage in daily business. He illustrates the consequences of cyber-attacks and provides guidance and specific advice how companies can defend themselves against cyber-espionage.

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Computerwoche: Cyber-Espionage in Practice

What can companies do to protect their business against digital cyber-espionage effectively?

Tom Zeller, CEO ENECA GmbH, shows the dangers of cybercrime in practice. He demonstrates the consequences of cyber attacks und gives advice on how to avoid cyber-espionage effectively.

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Computerwoche: Cloud Security – Encryption Methods in Practice

Due to cyber-espionage, the German economy and Mittelstand business in particular suffer from huge annual losses up to EUR 100 billion. But how can internet users encrypt their personal data in the digital cloud?  

ENECA provides a clear picture about the technical background of cryptpgraphy. The company explains the differences between symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption and shows methods ensuring that sensitive data stays secure in the digital cloud.

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Why Startups Do Not Have To Fail

Statistically fail 11 of 12 high-tech startups. There are many reasons, in the majority of cases, however, especially the following three are responsible: The management team has no practical or too specialised experience, the Unique Selling Point (USP) and the target audience were not exactly defined, or the funding is not sufficient.

Tom Zeller, CEO ENECA GmbH, outlines the risks for start-ups and gives entrepreneurs numerous tips for establishing their own business model.

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Eneca participates in the Emyo-Lifescience GmbH

The Emyo Lifescience GmbH develops wireless EMS-training systems, with considerable auxiliary service for professional sports, rehab applications and special applications. 

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Encryption of Business Data in the Digital Cloud – ENECA Provides Valuable Information

How can confidential business data be safely stored?

Tom Zeller, CEO ENECA GmbH, provides an overview of the range of different methods of safe data storage, published in Funkschau. Furthermore, he explains the encryption process in detail und tells you what is important for choosing a suitable cloud service provider.

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